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We are focused on providing our clients a smooth, easy implementation process and a powerful approach to the Revenue Cycle Management process. MBR has the solutions to deliver structure in your business office that provides clear goals while making prioritizing simpler and revenue more predictable


John has been working extensively with the medical revenue cycle since 2014. He has worked for a variety of healthcare practices and hospitals in order to maximize their reimbursement, generate additional revenue, and improve the workflow for their offices and business departments.
John Butora
Chief Executive Officer
Jenny has over 12 years in the credentialing and medical billing field. She is a certified professional coder with AAPC. Jenny has worked in Oncology, Hematology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine and has a full understanding in the HMO and Managed Care industry.
Jenny Braganza
Chief Operations Officer


MBR’s client specific solutions oversees your business so providers can focus on providing patient centric care.
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